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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

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Christmas List 2012
Christmas - ibroughtuflours
So here, very late but still within a month of December 25, is my Christmas list. Be warned, it contains mostly boring household things because I pay my mortgage and want to feather my nest.

A white pouffe that looks a bit like this
Navy blue towels and a navy blue bath mate
A amber-brown-grey woollen throw from John Lewis for my sofa, with small hints of speedwell blue
The Penguin Embroidered edition of Black Beauty
The Blue Hour by Lilian Pizzichini (biography of Jean Rhys who wrote Wide Sargasso Sea)
A framed photo from the Paris trip that my sister and I took to celebrate my 30th birthday
A voucher for a trip to the Harry Potter studio tour
The complete series of Harry Potter movies on DVD
Slipper socks and a small hot-water-bottle from my step-grandmother
Mint moon-pies from flourhurricane
A lovely fan-art of Lady Loki and Aunt May from Meghan in Canada

I've also bought myself a new ironing board, the new Mumford & Sons album and three DVDs in the HMV sale: The Road to El Dorado, so I can finally understand all those GIFs on Tumblr; Rango; and Moonrise Kingdom, my favourite movie of last year (yes, even above The Avengers).

I am sad about HMV closing down, but not surprised. When I went in on Sunday to try and find The Hobbit soundtrack, they didn't have it at all and the music selection had been shoved to the back of the store to make way for merchandise and headphones. I remember back at university (which is 10 years ago *sob*), HMV was the place to go for music. Of course, this was back when they still sold videos and ITunes was in its infancy. ._. I wonder what the HMV in Canterbury looks like now...

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Are they closing down all HMVs? That's heartbreaking. I remember going to the big one in London when I was 15. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I still love brick and mortar stores, but I can see why they're becoming dinosaurs. Esp when they only have middle of the road merchandise, not specialty stuff.

No, not all of them. It's just that HMV has gone into administration and so that means up to half of their stores could close down. The big one in London will probably stay open though. ;)

And yeah, they need to appeal to the real music lovers, the ones who want special editions, vinyl, exclusives... people who don't care about music like that will just download or go on Amazon.

See this article for more detail.

Edited at 2013-01-16 05:27 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
D'oh! At least it made you laugh!

There's a small independent record store in Stroud. I hope that survives...

I keep meaning to get around to watching Moonrise Kingdom - I'm tend to be a bit wary of Wes Anderson but if you think it's good...

Useful presents are the best ones - if that makes me boring, so be it :).

I know what you mean about Wes Anderson, but a common theme I've seen in reviews of this film is people who don't normally like his films find this one charming and heartfelt, which is why I've recommended it (I like him but I understand why he puts people off). I think it helps that this story focuses on children rather than adults. The supporting adult actors are good, of course (Bruce Willis was the biggest surprise to me) but the child actors are excellent and really carry the film.

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