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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Sorry for the absence
Autumn - sunlitdays
I was going to post more about my Paris adventure, my birthday week, my two previous weekends (Puzzlewood, Brave, Skyfall, Westonbirt Arboretum) but then today I got the news that my sister's cat, Dillon, died today. With no warning. I just saw him this weekend. He was eight years old, a beautiful ginger Maine Coone with a huge fluffy tail and big gentle paws that never scratched when he played with you. She'd only had him for 9 months. She woke up this morning for her early shift and discovered him lying in the doorway of the spare room of her flat. His body was still warm but he was gone. They've buried him in the long grass at the bottom of the hill outside her flat. I can't believe he's gone and I can't believe that once again my sister has lost a pet. None of my sister's pets have died of old age. She's had two hamsters, two cats and a rabbit: all of them have died because of accident or through injury. None of them were over five years old. I didn't even live with him but I'm going to miss him so much.

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I'm sorry your sister lost her pet. Eight years is a long time, and pets are family.

He was eight years old but she'd only had him for 9 months as he was a rescue cat. Thank you.

Oh I'm sorry, I misunderstood. It was pretty brave of her taking a mature animal from a shelter.

Poor kitty, and your poor sister. :( Sometimes older pets who are adopted later in life can come with problems that no one has any ideas exist. Still, that's super sad, and I'm really sorry.

I will hug my kitties a little warmer on your behalf. Including Popcorn.

We don't think he suffered when he died (no vomiting, peeing or pooing), so at least there's that.

I will hug my kitties a little warmer on your behalf. Including Popcorn.

I appreciate your sacrifice. ;)

:,-( Oh noes. Losing one's pet is so hard. And just finding him like that? Heartbreak. But, could he have been poisoned? That was my immediate thought, but maybe he was an indoor cat? Still, eight years is nothing - Semiramis is 15 1/2... So sorry for her and you. Hope she can find another furball to love.

No, he was an indoors cat, so no poisoning. And yeah, eight years is barely middle-aged, that's why I thought he'd be around for a while. But no... Give Semiramis a hug for me (if she'll let you). I will offer to pay for the next rescue cat she wants.

Oh, how sad for you both - sorry for your loss. At least he didn't go through a painful and drawn out illness, which must be some small consolation. Still, I know how sad I'll be when our cat eventually goes (he's about 15 and showing no signs of decline so far). *hugs*

Yes, it was a peaceful death, which helps. Still, he was only 8, I thought he'd be around for a while yet. :( *hugs*

Poor creature. :( At least it doesn't sound like he suffered, but I know that's a small comfort.

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