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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

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Bank Holiday Weekend and Holiday Planning
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Had one of the best Bank Holiday weekends in recent memory a couple of weeks ago. Had the Thursday and the Friday off because I went to see Michael McIntyre on the Thursday evening with my sister in Cardiff. I've never been to Cardiff before (never been to WALES before) so I was very excited to finally see the Severn Bridge and the Severn Estuary (which was beautiful even under the glowering clouds). The sat-nav managed to take us into Cardiff but didn't direct us to the entrance of the NCP car park, so we had to drive around in a huge circle. We really only found the entrance thanks to my sister's driving skills and experience, because it was TUCKED AWAY behind some houses. I wonder how anyone parks there considering it's such a major car park. Due to traffic, we only had time to eat a Burger King meal before running off to the arena (and it started raining) but the show made it all worth it. McIntyre is just as funny live as on screen (possibly funnier). There were points during the show where I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. Stayed at my sister's for the night, then went down to see my parents for the weekend and did basically nothing, which was very nice. :)

Have seen The Dark Knight Rises (oh my God, I want to see it again); The Avengers (saw it four times, I regret nothing); The Bourne Legacy (mainly for Jeremy Renner, let's be honest); and The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield IS Peter Parker, Emma Stone was adorable, can't wait for more).

Currently planning my birthday weekend in Paris with vifetoile and my sister. Definitely going to see the Musée d'Orsay this time, and the Eiffel Tower, and lots of other things! There will be photos because my sister is bringing her boyfriend's camera, and they will be GOOD ones this time!

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Wow, Wales! That is pretty neat. I know someone who randomly met her husband in Wales. As in, she was riding a pony and saw him doing geological research. I'd love to go to Wales someday.

Paris sounds fun! Gosh, you're traveling a lot this summer. :P

Haha, I would love that to be how I meet MY husband. XD It's a beautiful country.

Well, Paris is only across the water for me. ;) It's my big holiday this year.

It's kind of amazing you've never been to Wales before - glad you had a nice time. I saw the Avengers, quite liked it, but didn't really get the fuss because I'm not familiar with the mythology.

What's the best thing about Paris for you? I've been there plenty of times because it was where my dad was born but I've never managed to form a connection with the place. I envy your language skills!

I know! But I grew up in Wiltshire, so it was easier to go to London, plus all my parents' friends and family all lived in the South East, the Midlands or the North East. My sister and I are the first to live in the West Country (she's in Bristol). And while I have been living in Gloucester for the past five years (eek!), I've never had a specific reason to go to Cardiff, because all my friends were in London and I know London much better. It looks like a nice city, though, what I saw of it, so I look forward to going back.

I have seen all the previous Marvel films, so The Avengers did have more for me, but I think its success rests on the fact that even if you hadn't seen all of those films, you could still enjoy it. Because if it had just relied on the previous films, it wouldn't have worked; even those of us who saw the previous films didn't know if it would be any good. Yes, we had Joss Whedon, but it could still have turned out a total disaster. But it didn't! I think most of the fuss is because there's something for everyone in that movie, and the cast is ridiculously good looking and obviously enjoyed working with each other and working on the movie.

What's the best thing about Paris for you? I've been there plenty of times because it was where my dad was born but I've never managed to form a connection with the place. I envy your language skills!

Well, I've only been twice and I don't count the first time because it was only for a day and I didn't get to see anything except the Sacré-Coeur and a bit of Montmartre. I think what I loved most about Paris after my second visit is how late everything stays open, including restaurants: you can still get wonderful fresh food right up until midnight in some areas. I felt the difference when I came back to Gloucester on a Tuesday evening and the town centre was practically empty and nearly everywhere was shut. The atmosphere of Montmartre in particular has stayed with me and I look forward to showing Helen around there.

Haha, I don't know if my language skills helped particularly, beyond the surprise on some people's faces when I spoke French to them. The waiters were all nice to me, though.

I am jealous you have seen Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers more than going to Paris. I haven't seen a movie in forever, and who hasn't been to Paris? =P

Well, my parents haven't been to Paris and neither has my sister. ;) What about Netflix?

(Deleted comment)
That's okay. And yes, the Eiffel Tower at night! It's going to be gorgeous.

So I have been horrible not kept up on Live Journal. I hope you have an awesome birthday! Enjoy your day!

Thank you! I had a great time!

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