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"Doomday" Musings


* Oh, Mickey did not die, lalala! *dances around, then stops* We never got to see his "I told you so" dance! Boo! Anyway, I loved the whole exchange between Mickey and Rose. I really thought she was going to say "second bravest", but she didn't! "The bravest human". YES! That's our Mickey! But why did he stick around? Mickey, you have Jake! A nice, handsome boy who is not obsessed with an alien! Oh well. By the end of the episode, I had started thinking of Mickey like a brother/best friend to Rose rather than a lover, although I know we're supposed to think that Rose will eventually marry him. Loved the greeting between him and the Doctor. Boss. Excellent.

* Speaking of the Doctor, DT was FANTASTIC in this episode: serious, silly, crazy (enough to unnerve me), sane, silent, shouting, he did it all. That moment at the end when he pressed his cheek to the wall, listening, listening... that was the Doctor. THAT was moving. Not the two tears (although I can forgive them, because even then he wasn't sobbing, unlike a certain Miss Tyler). Did anyone notice the similarity between the Daleks not being able to touch anyone and Rose not being able to touch him at the end? Locked inside his own version of a shell? Quite subtle.

* I actually did like Rose in this episode quite a bit. And for once, she didn't get her own way. Thanks to her dad. There's a wonderful irony in that, somewhere: real father figure rescuing her from pretend father figure? Who knows. And I am so happy that she's working at Torchwood. She has definitely learnt something and we know from that information that she is going to move on, even though she doesn't want to. I feel ambiguous about the meeting on the beach: on the one hand, it is a great beach and the lighting was lovely; on the other, I preferred Rose sobbing on the other side of the Void, when she had a proper reason to grieve, rather than standing there on the beach, pleading for him to come and get her, even though she knew it was impossible. You know, saying "I love you" isn't going to do anything, dear. It has no power to pull him across the universe. And her death was symbolic. Great.

* I know that everyone is going on about how the Daleks pwn the Cybermen, but my favourite insult was one that came from the Cybermen.


"This. is. obvious."

Oooh yeah. Feel the modernism snobbery. XD

* Yvonne's death was actually chilling. "I did my duty!" Look where it got you, sweetie. A bit of thinking never did anyone harm.

* The bit in the middle with Jackie and Pete slowed everything down so much! I liked the beginning, with them staring through the smoke at each other, and totally at cross purposes. I liked that awkwardness. I wanted it to continue; I didn't want the sudden hug, at least, not just then. They could have had that later. Or just not at all. Let us fill in the gaps. I did like their exchange about what they'd been doing in their various universes. I liked Pete telling Jackie that she'd raised Rose and that was something. Quibble: "I'd forgotten you could argue." It's only been three years for him, I doubt he'd forget.

* I was completely taken aback by the Bride. I thought for one dumbfounded moment it was Rose. Fortunately, no. I think when I see the episode again, I'll be able to judge it better.

* Some thoughts on the last episode, having seen it again: the incidental music reminded me a lot of "A Night On Bald Mountain"; they really should have cut the Eastenders clip off at the first "get out of my pub" or just had the spirits joke, but not both; one of DT's best episodes.
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