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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

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Soccer and Showjumping
Spring - luna_ann
So England are out of the World Cup.

THANK GOD. No more stupid football songs, no more football videos, no more agonised columns about will-we won't-we, it's all over. I'll still keep an interest, mainly because Brazil are out to France, so the competition is wide open. But frankly, we weren't playing as a team, not up front. All that reliance on Rooney came to nothing, our best goal scorers were Crouch and Lampard. No fireworks from Theo Walcott. Special mention for our defence, who come away with a clean record, and for David Beckham, who gave his all, and without whom we would not have got through the Ecuador match. You may not be captain anymore, Becks, but you're a legend.

For anyone who is disappointed by our performance in the World Cup, I suggest you turn to showjumping. For those who don't know, I'll be brief: what Brazil is to football, we are to showjumping. That's not to say everyone else is crap, because they're not. The Australians and the Irish, to name only a couple of nations, are stunning riders. If you ever feel depressed about a sport, just find some showjumping and admire as our riders (in showjumping we play under Great Britain, but most of the riders are English, not Scottish or Welsh) jump wonderful rounds and collect accolades and medals. We just won the Hickstead Derby in a jumpoff where all three riders in the running were British. Family to watch out for: the Whitakers, who are not posh nobs as you might expect, but farming people from Yorkshire, and have been the backbone of our showjumping team for at least 20 years. John and Michael are the elder statesman, with Ellen, Robert and Joe as the up and coming guard.

Switch over some time, it'll cheer you up immensely.

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No, the one where clowns leap through hoops. Yes, the one with horses, what other kind of showjumping is there? *rolls eyes*

And having a film named after you just makes you part of popular culture, not a legend.


Yeah...that's true.

But if you ask any American to name a SOCCER player, they'd name David Beckham and Mia ' She Who Strips her Shirt Off' Hamm.

*LOL* Me funny


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