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Well, I never.

Thanks to all the people who commented for their lovely supportive words and hugs. They meant a lot. I forgot to mention I had a dentist appointment today, which actually went well! I can finally stop using that disgusting mouthwash. My teeth are clean for the first time since I started using it. I bled a lot, though. -_- I had to use practically the whole cup of mouthwash to spit it out, and even after that I was still bleeding. The dust from that cleaner was all around my mouth and over my cheeks!

Anyway, I have just found out something:

Somebody has nominated La Petite Mort in the Best Romance/WAFF category at the 2006 Reader's Choice Awards.


The popularity of this story knows no bounds. Obviously it's a lot more famous than I thought. I wonder who nominated me. Well, it doesn't matter. It's certainly made the end of my day a little brighter.
Tags: fanfiction awards, sailor moon
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