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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Graduate Fair, Body Musings, Excitement
Autumn - sunlitdays
So, Tuesday I went to the Guardian Summer Graduate Fair, which was held at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London (and yes, that's how it's spelt).

I got up at quarter to seven (before either of my parents), got myself ready and even plaited my hair (although the middle strand was too short, so there wasn't much plait). Dressed myself in a long skirt, with light shoes, pink T-shirt and a brown jacket as a caution against cold wind (ha!). Waited in the station waiting room for my train at 8.45 sharp, which was extremely crowded because of everyone trying to avoid the peak charge. Took ten copies of my CV, along with my registration e-mail and my little Fast Track badge that was supposed to let me in early.

Oh God, why are these events never well-organised? You'd think a Fast Track badge would get you in quicker, right? Wrong. When I got to the Exhibition Centre, there was a queue there. And it didn't matter whether you had your FT ticket or not, you were in the queue. In fact, the FT ticket didn't make a smidgen of a difference until you were right inside the building, when you got ticked off a list and your ticket was converted into your badge. It was truly pathetic.

Once inside, you got all manner of goodies shoved into your hands (including a plastic container from the RAF which I still haven't figured out) and were left to wander around as you saw fit. Hardly anybody wanted a graduate with languages. There were about three stands for me, if that, putting aside the gap year organisations. Christ, people tell you that this is going to be useful and is it? Is it bollocks. You have to combine it with something else: Economics, Law, Management, Business Studies... nobody TELLS you that during your A-Levels or your undergraduate degree. Loads of stalls for accountants, I should tell poor Michael. He's applied for all these accounting jobs and they won't take him because he has no experience. I signed up for two seminars about working in France and Spain respectively, went to a CV seminar and an interview seminar and then got out of there. It was like a cattle market.

After that, I wandered down to King's Road and finally found Steinberg and Tolkien, the vintage clothing shop I've been searching for. It is a treasure trove, a wonderful place with all kinds of boots, shoes, hats, jewellery, dresses and bags. Of course, I was broke so I didn't buy anything. I decided to go and see the Chelsea Physic Garden, but when I got there it was closed. It's only open to the public on special occasions. They really should have put that on the sign. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, never able to get in. So then I was wandering along, getting very hot, because it was a blazing sunny afternoon. Fortunately, a bus came along, and it was going to Victoria. After some see-sawing, I decided to visit Foyles (my book mecca on Charing Cross Road), then go back home. There is a Lush at Victoria Station, so I grabbed some Blonde shampoo and headed up to Foyles with aching feet and sore thighs. The atmosphere was more soothing than I can say. I love that place, I adore it. And my mother has NEVER been there, which is like an Elvis fan never having visited Graceland. I said I would take her there the next time we were in London.

I got myself back to Waterloo, grabbed a water bottle and some mints, then went home. The older guy opposite me kept trying to talk. In fact, I think he was trying to flirt. He kept telling me about how his mate had to pick bits of a suicide off a train and then recuperate for a week. I was thinking Mate, you're not impressing me. You're not even getting anywhere. Just leave me alone. Thank God he was going onto Exeter. I finally got home, exhausted, and collapsed on the sofa. Mum was sympathetic for once, which was nice. She told me I wasn't useless and that I would find a job. She also said she knew that what I really wanted to do was write. I was surprised. I didn't think it was that obvious. But then I have shown her some of my stories. She pointed out that I couldn't do that at first, I had to have a steady career. What does she think I'm doing this for?

I have recently been thinking about my boobs. I am ambiguous about my boobs to say the least. I acknowledge they're necessary for babies and that men like them, but really, that's about it. They're just milk bottles, that's all, big ones that make shirts strain and flop around and don't allow me to go without a bra. The thing is that I am physically lazy when it comes to my body. I would rather be comfortable. Having big breasts is not comfortable. I swear I'll get them reduced when I'm older. It'll be heaven to have a B cup and just wander around with no bra. I do like my waist. My thighs have cellulite, which is unfortunate, although it's improved. My bum is still too big. My legs are good, but I'm waging a constant war against stretch marks.

And in other news, I have an interview! This is for a Project Co-Ordinator job in Putney; it will be freelance until September, when the position becomes full-time. It would be perfect if I got it, because I could do my dissertation, earn some money, then have a job to go into at the end of September. They e-mailed me the day after they got my CV, so that must be a good sign. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck.

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Would it be completely obvious that I've been rereading Neverwhere when I get excited about Earl's Court because there was Earl's Court in the book? Yes? Good.

*skips over the looking for job stuff because it makes me nervous*

I've only been to a Lush, and it was in Dublin, and I didn't have any more Euros on me and I didn't feel like going to an ATM, so I have yet to experience the delight that is Lush. I feel left out of the Lushness.

Oddly enough, on the same trip coming back from Dublin, I have my weird guy on a train trying to hit on me. Though he was trying to get me to go back to his parents' house so he could show me an amazing tree in his back yard. He even gave me bits of bark from the tree. And no, it wasn't an illicit substances sort of tree.

Oddly enough (again) I was just thinking about my boobs. I have lost some weight, not enough to be really noticiable, but enough to make my previously most comfortable bra not work so well, so I forgot and wore it today, and I had to be careful about how I sat or bent over or else boobs would escape. Luckily I was wearing a loose t-shirt.

Also good luck with the interview!

The first time I read Neverwhere, I was quite ignorant about the Underground, having only been to London about three times in my life, so I didn't know about Hammersmith, the Seven Sisters, the Serpentine... *pats* There's also a Baron's Court, too. ;)

There ARE Lush shops in the US, I know there are. You just have to look for them on their website, lush.com. Happy hunting! :D

A tree... right. How old does he think you are? Trees are not enticing over the age of fourteen, not on their own. What did he expect you to do, climb it? And most trees are very legal. ;)

I wish my boobs would shrink; then I'd fit into my smaller bras again.

And the interview is off. They called me today and said they'd found someone to fill the position. I am very angry.


Have you hijacked my brain? Because you've pretty much described MY feelings towards MY boobs.

Also, I hear you about the stretch marks. *grumbles*

Hee, thanks, Lilian. Good to know I'm not the only one. ;)

Good luck on your interview! You'll rock. :)


No interview. They just phoned up today and told me they'd filled the position with someone who could start next week. Didn't even let me come in and tell them I could do that.

I am so angry.

That's awful of them! They should have at least interviewed you. Ugh.

Yes, it is. It wouldn't have killed them to interview me. They even had the gall to send me an e-mail thanking me for coming to see them, which they probably sent to the wrong address. But I think I'll write back a snotty reply anyway.

Yeah. It'd be one thing if they hadn't already scheduled the interview, but they did. So reneging now is just bitchy of them. They deserve a nice big piece of your mind, because that's rude. (Gives you an idea of what kind of folks they are, though.)

Don't worry, I will be nice and snotty. I'm angry enough. The woman on the phone did sound uncomfortable with what she was doing, so I think the decision probably came from above. That isn't going to stop me writing to her, though.

You need to say something, so I say go for it!

Good luck with the interview! And job fairs - I hate them. Were you on my flist when NB and I were discussing what would be at our ideal job fair? I said the MythBusters would have to be there. And I think there were also stalls for being Joss Wheedon's casting director and play-testing HP role-playing games. :)

And it is musings like yours that make me grateful that I am barely a size B, despite having trouble finding tops that fit. :)

I just got a phone call today saying not to bother, because they'd already filled in the position. What makes me angry is that they didn't even let me come in for the interview.

And yes, be happy that you are a B. :)

I feel the same way about my boobs. I don't really care about them. My boyfriend loves them, but I'm all meh. He hates when I call them mammary glands. Teehee.



That's perfect.

I love your travel logs! I always feel like I have been on the trip with you!

I will second your mother and tell you that you are worth a hundred Malfoys (checks your post) oh yes, she didn't say that. LOL. Well you're not useless and you're a very good writer and your writing just gets better and better!

FYI - if you want to reduce your breasts - breastfeed for a year. Sigh. I lost a cup size that way. You might as well learn to love them as is. Your body changes all the time if you're a woman, hence stretch marks and the like.

LOL - please don't write a drabble for the fluff thread using your guy from Exeter - he's anti-fluff for sure.

Good luck with the job search. Summer is the hardest time to find a job since so many of the decision-making people are on holiday. Don't get discouraged.

You always manage to make me feel better, thank you, Mary. :)

I won a school competition for my travel writing when I wrote about our exchange with Spain. I got a T-shirt and a book if I remember correctly. Hmm, maybe I should think about travel writing.

Breastfeed? Thanks for the tip! But I'd actually have to find a man and have a baby before I did that. ^^; I think getting pregnant just to lose a cup size is rather drastic. Sounds very nice, though! As I said, I'm ambivalent. Some days, they're all right. Other days, I just wish I was flat.

And trust me, I won't write a drabble using him!

My parents are very encouraging. In fact, my mother actually gave me £10 to spend in town tomorrow just because of the disappointment (see latest entry). This is not normal.

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