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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Belated Birthday Wishes
Friendship - mars-mellow
Belated Birthday Wishes to sandrastarck and divinemum!

Sandra, your Disney character is The Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

You have a calm and powerful presence that impacts the lives of others. You express yourself artistically through singing, speaking, or both. Either way, the sound of your voice captivates. You follow your heart in most things, and your loved ones can always depend on you to be there. Setbacks don't discourage you from attaining your goals because you know just what to do to further things along.

Magical Gifts: The Prince bestows the gifts of patience, confidence, and sensitivity. Ask for his help when you want to awaken your dreams.

Keys To Your Success: Knowing when to show up.

divinemum, your Disney character is The Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

You have a heart bursting with competing desires. Your mind can be an unreliable judge casting harsh judgements on your worth and that of others. You understand the power of love by experiencing the effects your actions have on others. Luckily, the beautiful essence of who you are never dies; in time, it is liberated and allowed its full expression.

Magical Gifts: The Beast bestows the gifts of reflection, strength, and majesty. Call on him when you need help returning to your true nature.

Keys To Your Success: Allowing the one you love to come to you.

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Wow... it would be really hard to pick two Disney Princes who are less alike. Are they really just a day apart? Someone at Disneystrology must have a weird sense of humor...

*Lol* I know, right?

But Disney's first Prince isn't really a character, more of a reward for Snow White. *lol* The Beast is a character and has his own journey.

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