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May Entries for sm_monthly 2

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Title: The Olive Branch
Author: Starsea
Theme: "One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one." - Agatha Christie
Genre: General
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Version: Manga (SM); Anime (TnE)
Rating: PG

Crystal Tokyo became quieter after the attack. It still shone, but the light was muted now. People spoke softer, they walked faster, they huddled in doorways. Even though the Black Moon terrorists had been wiped out, the fear they had brought with them remained, like a dark cloud over the city.

"You can't bring it back," Hitomi said to Serenity one day, as they stood and looked out towards the bay. "It's different now. And they know it. They're not innocent any more."

"I know," Serenity said with a small sigh. "I just wish..."

"That things could have been different?" Hitomi smiled a little, a smile full of wisdom and sorrow. Watching it, Serenity wasn't surprised that she and Setsuna had become such good friends. Hitomi had a knowledge which nobody else shared, the knowledge of another world. The taller woman sighed. "I know, Serenity-sama. Believe me, I know. I thought that when Folken-san stopped the Fate Machine, everything would just stop. The soldiers would realise how pointless this war was and go home. But it wasn't like that. They didn't stop. They just kept going. War is like a machine, it only stops when there isn't enough fuel. And people are that fuel: their hopes and fears."

"Yes," Serenity said, thinking back to when she was sixteen and standing on the edge of a cauldron of stars, a shadow telling her that the light called to shadows and the shadows called to the light. "That energy can be used for good or ill... I just feel like we haven't won at all."

"Victory always comes at a price," Hitomi said. "You know this better than anyone."

"But peace is still worth it," Serenity answered, lifting her chin. "I'll never stop believing that."

Hitomi looked at her for a moment, then turned back to the view. "Never is a long time," she said softly.

Title: A Fine Line
Author: Starsea
Theme: Suicide (Crossover)
Genre: Dark
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Yami no Matsuei
Version: Animanga for both
Rating: R

The arteries which trace the underside of a person's arm are easy to distinguish from the veins: they're invisible, while the veins are blue. It was said that the bluer your veins, the more aristocratic you were. If that was true, Hotaru thought, following the fine blue line down Tsuzuki's wrist, Tsuzuki must be a prince.

"They're so fine," she said. "Like footpaths... like a map on your body." She touched one with the tip of her fingernail. His skin was pleasantly cool; perhaps some people would have thought it clammy, but Hotaru never found the chill off-putting.

"I could never find the end of that map." His voice was soft and low. His eyes were almost closed, the purple irises gleaming from underneath the black eyelashes. He looked androgynous and sexy. As she grew up, Hotaru had wondered what it would be like to kiss him. She was wondering it now, even as his statement made her pause.

"How often did you try?"

"I lost count."

She traced the white scars that criss-crossed his wrist. "Maybe I could count."

He shook his head, black hair falling into his eyes and obscuring his expression. "No point, Hotaru-chan. I just kept cutting into the scars."

"But you did die eventually," she whispered. "In your own blood. You cut deep enough."

"No... it was just my time. I wasn't released until the precise moment it was time for me to die. All my attempts to hurry that moment were futile." He sighed. "So let that be a lesson to you. You can't die until it's time. Until you match up with their... schedule."

Hotaru sat up. She was tired of the subject. "Would you take me? When I die, will you come and get me?" she asked softly, reaching for the knife.

"You know I can't promise that," he answered, taking the knife. Moonlight flashed along the blade, sliding over its wicked edge as he placed it against his skin. "But you'll see me sometime. That, I can promise."

Hotaru let out a sigh as the knife cut into his flesh and the first drops of blood spattered against the counterpane. She licked her lips, eyes bright and cheeks flushed, and inched forwards. He wouldn't die, he was already dead, but she liked to imagine it. This pale man cutting and cutting, lying in his own blood. Begging for death. If only he wanted her that much now.

She just had to make do with the re-enactment. But that was okay. This way, she got to watch his lifeforce leaking out, beckoning her closer and closer. It would do.

Title: The Bliss of Forgetting
Author: Starsea
Theme: PWP (Crossover)
Genre: Adult
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Fruits Basket
Version: Manga for both
Rating: R

You wake up, and you do not know
where you are, or who you are
or what you are, the last light of the evening
coming up to the panes, not coming in,
the solid, slanted body of the desk
between the windows, its bird's-eye slightly
shining, here and there, in the wood. And you
try to think back, you cannot remember it,
it stands behind your mind, like a mountain,
at night, behind you, your pants are torn
or across the room or still dangling from one leg
like a heavy scarlet loop of the body, your
bra is half on or not on or you were naked to begin with,
you cannot remember, everything is changed.
tomorrow, maybe, taking a child to school,
your foot in the air half off the curb you'll
see his mouth where it was and feel it and the
large double star of your two bodies,
but for now you are like the one in the crib,
you are everyone, right now,
the milky, greenish windows still as
sentinels, saying, Don't worry,
you will not remember, you will never know.

- Making Love by Sharon Olds

Darkness makes him feel claustrophobic and small rooms remind him of a cage, but when he's lying in this narrow white bed, he feels like he's sailing on the ocean. It's a bed for one, but her presence turns it into a double. She's small but adventurous. Her eyes are full of deep space and when she tosses her head back, her hair flows out behind her like a sail. He loves seeing her like that, neck arched back, abandoned to her private journey as she perches on his hips, letting him propel her towards the sky. In the last light of the day, she is black and white except for the tips of her breasts, the sweetest pink imaginable. When he licks them, she lets out a low cry and her fingers tangle in his hair.

They do not use each other's names during their voyages, although names were exchanged the first time she brought him here. After hearing her name, he looked around at the beautiful lamps that ringed the room and thought how appropriate. His little light in the dark. Innocent and wise at the same time. When he told her his name, she smiled and ran a finger down his chest. "Snow-white," she said. "Are you as pure as the driven snow?"

"I've never been pure," he said truthfully.

"Snap," she said, pulling down the zip of his trousers and slipping her fingers inside, curling them around his penis. He knew then that she was going to be different. She chuckled at his rule of no embracing.

"You'll do this, but you won't hug me?" There wasn't any hurt in her voice, just a casual amusement, an acceptance of his peculiarity. "Anything else out of bounds?"

No, anything else was fine. He wanted to do everything else. She pulled down his boxer shorts. "Trust me, Yuki-san. We'll get through it. Slowly. I like to take my time." Then her lips closed around him and he let out a groan, surprising himself. He hadn't expected to enjoy this. He hadn't anticipated becoming addicted to her silence and her dark tenderness.

He's a little more adventurous now. He'll go down on her, following the thin dark line of hair to the forest of dark curls, making his way to the pink cleft, letting his tongue map out this new territory while she gasps above him and her hips jerk with small tremors. He likes to hold her down when he gets serious, lost in her, lost to himself, so that in the end she's almost screaming as she comes. When he pushes himself up from her lap, her skin is sticking to her forehead and her eyes are sparkling.

"So good..."

She lets him take her whichever way he wants; he prefers to do it from behind, at least that way he can hold her to him without any danger. The missionary position has only been attempted once, and the sight of her face as she came was almost too much. He wanted to hold her, wanted to kiss her and whisper her name. It made him cry, and he collapsed on her body, soaking her breasts with his tears. She stroked his hair and back with one hand, still mindful of the rule, which just made his tears more intense. He doesn't want to tell her he's falling in love with her. Love is not for him. Love is not part of their bargain. When he takes her from behind, she's just a white back and he is nobody. He forgets himself, loses himself in the physical sensation, flinging his head back just like she does.

Afterwards, she laughs in her throat and turns over, flopping onto her back with her legs wide open. "I thought you said you weren't a dog?"

"I can be anything with you, Hotaru-san," he says truthfully, and knows this will never change. Even in the daytime, when he's doing other things, this knowledge lies under his skin, like a gift. He loves her for it, but he can never tell her that. He has to keep on taking. He wonders when she will stop giving.

"How long is this going to last?" he says.

"That depends on you." Her eyes glimmer. "I've got all the time in the world."

Title: Ignore the Elephant
Author: Starsea
Theme: PMS (Crossover)
Genre: General
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Azumanga Daioh
Version: AU
Rating: PG

The worst thing about having a roommate was that sooner or later (usually sooner), your cycles matched up. Slowly, the gap would shrink, until all of a sudden, the periods arrived almost on the same day. Minako hated it. She didn't want Yomi having PMS at the same time as she did. She could just about cope with Yomi's PMS when she was feeling good. Not that Minako suffered too badly, but when she did, she couldn't stand it. Because Minako's Pre-Menstrual Tension announced itself with a feeling of such horniness that she felt like drugging about ten young men and then taking them to bed one by one. Compared to this, Yomi's intermittent obsessive-compulsive behaviour was nothing.

"There is one thing you must do for me, Yomi-chan, as my roommate," Minako said solemnly, standing before her roomate right in front of the television so Yomi couldn't ignore her.

Yomi glared up at her. "And what, precisely, is that?"

"Well!" Now that Minako had her attention, she jumped onto the settee and curled her legs underneath her. "There is... a certain young man that I am hoping will call on me. Now, if he happens to call on me when I am suffering one of my... episodes..."

Yomi snorted. "You mean if you want to jump his bones?"

Minako closed her eyes and went on. "If he turns up, make sure I don't get near him, okay? Or I'll ruin everything. Lock me in the bathroom if you have to."

"Only if you promise not to mess it up," Yomi retorted. "What does he look like, anyway?"

"Tall. Very tall. And he has these amazing eyes and this really deep voice - and you'd BETTER not try anything yourself!" Minako added with a sudden glare.

"Whatever," Yomi muttered. "What's his name? Just so I know to keep him away."

"Takehiko-san." Minako kissed her on the cheek. "You're a star, Yomi-chan!"

"I didn't say I'd do it," Yomi protested half-heartedly, but Minako had already bounced off into her bedroom. Yomi rolled her eyes. Minako was so popular with men, why get so crazy about this one? She always said - what was it? "I prefers hors d'oeuvres to the main course." Yomi wondered if this man knew he was another hors d'oeuvre. Probably not. Minako's boys rarely did.


It wasn't going to be a good day. Yomi knew that as soon as she walked into the living room and realised that Minako was watching Don Juan DeMarco, whispering Johnny Depp's lines along with him. She put a hand to her face for a moment, then sighed.


"Well, my accent has been coloured by my many travels..."


"That's my father's story, my mother says it was at night."


"What?!" Minako snapped, glaring at her. "You are interrupting Johnny!"

"Minako-chan, if the doorbell rings, don't answer it, okay? I'm expecting someone."

"Someone?" Minako's eyes glittered. "You mean a man?"

Yomi grabbed her and dragged her to her feet. "You are getting dressed."

Minako blinked coyly. "I am dressed."

"In something OTHER than a bikini," Yomi said through gritted teeth, shoving her roommate into her bedroom and holding the door closed. "You can watch the rest of Johnny when you come out. Until them, I'm taking the video out and if you try anything funny..."

"All right!" Yomi could hear drawers being pulled back and slammed. "Meanie. What if Takehiko-san calls?"

"That's exactly what I'm worried about," Yomi muttered, heading for the kitchen. She needed a large breakfast and a stiff drink. Today was going to be a long day.

Minako emerged dressed in her shortest skirt and a lacy top that clung to every inch of her torso. Yomi didn't have the energy to argue with her. She simply threw a blanket around Minako's shoulders, plonked a large box of chocolates in front of her, and put Johnny back on. She'd already lined up What's Eating Gilbert Grape? and Benny and Joon. If she could just keep the supply of chocolate going, Minako would be contained.

Unfortunately for Yomi, the doorbell rang at that moment. Minako's head went up like a hound scenting blood. Yomi leapt across to the door before she could get there and peered through the eyehole at a white T-shirt. She couldn't even see the man's head.

Well, isn't this peachy?

"Who is it?" Minako sang.

"Minako-chan... you promised you'd go into the bathroom, remember? Well, now is the time."

Minako blinked. "Why do you want me to go into the bathroom?"

"Just go!" Yomi snapped, shoving her inside. "And don't come out until I say so, got it?"

"Oh, I get it; we're playing hide and seek, right? You should have told me! I love these games, I'm really good at them."

"Then why are you still talking?" Yomi muttered, shoving a chair under the door handle. Having done this, she hurried back to the door and opened it. Her first thought was Damn, she was right, he is tall. Her second thought was I can't let Minako-chan see him or she'll go berserk.

"You must be Takehiko-san, right?" she said, trying to smile.

He nodded, gazing down at her. "And you're Yomi-san. Minako-chan mentioned you. It's nice to meet you." He bowed. Yomi bowed back, wondering how Minako had managed to charm him. He didn't seem like the type to fall for long legs and blonde hair.

"Is Minako-san here?"



They both froze. Takehiko looked at the bathroom, startled. Yomi closed her eyes. Everything had been going so well.

"Yes, Minako-chan?"

"You have a MAN there, DON'T YOU, YOMI-CHAN?!"

Yomi pretended she hadn't heard. "She's indisposed at the moment."

"Admit it! I can smell him! I SMELL THE MAN-FLESH!"

Takehiko was staring at the door with a slight frown. "Is she all right?"

Yomi wasn't sure if he was taking the piss or genuinely concerned. "It's not a good time for her," she said between gritted teeth.

"You let me out of here right now, Yomi-chan! It's not fair to keep him all to yourself."

"Don't you think it might be better to let her out?" Takehiko suggested softly, still looking at the door.

"No! She said not to... I mean, if she was like this... look, it's best you go, really," Yomi said, beginning to close the door. She wasn't quick enough. He slipped through the gap, stepped out of his shoes and walked towards the bathroom door. Yomi followed him, wondering if he was insane or just stupid. He didn't look crazy, he didn't seem like an idiot, but that didn't mean much.

"Open the door," he said in a quiet voice.

"That's really not a good idea..." Yomi's voice trailed away at the look he gave her. "All right, fine, but I warned you," she said fiercely, and took the chair away.

Minako burst out of the bathroom with a gesture that was worthy of Broadway, then stopped short on seeing him. Takehiko smiled down at her, the expression transforming his face. "Hello, Minako-san."

Minako looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. She turned her head slowly to Yomi. "I didn't realise there was a real man here," she said in a stage whisper.

Yomi felt like smacking her head against the wall. She was on a week before, too, but once again Minako got all the attention. "Then what did you say all that for?!"

"I was just playing..." Minako was still speaking in a stage whisper, her body frozen. "And I thought I told you to lock me in the bathroom..."

Yomi shrugged. "He told me to let you out."

"And you're nicely dressed, too," Takehiko commented with a smile. "So how about we go out, like we planned?"

"Out?!" Minako squeaked, finally looking at him. "No! Out is not a good idea! Really! I'm not safe!"

"Well, if other men get injured looking at you, tough," Takehiko said with a shrug. Yomi almost laughed, but she wasn't going to let go of her bad mood so easily.

"She really is dangerous in this mood," she remarked. Minako nodded vigorously.

"Yes! Listen to Yomi-chan! She knows me! I'm a hazard to public health!"

"You look pretty healthy to me," Takehiko said with another smile.

Minako put her hands over her face for a moment. "Stop being so... so charming and irresistible! Don't you realise that you're making it very hard for me to resist you?!"

"That was kind of the plan," Takehiko said dryly.

Yomi turned away and headed towards the chocolate. It seemed, against all odds, that he could take care of himself. Anyway, she'd done her part. Let him try and handle a horny Minako, see how he liked it.

"How about we just stay in my bedroom?" Minako said brightly, aware that she might have an ulterior motive for this plan, but too hormonal to really care.

"No, it's nice outside, and I booked us a nice table, too," Takehiko said, turning around and strolling to the door.

"Table?" Minako said, hooked by that one word. "Where? What table?"

"Put your shoes on and you'll find out," Takehiko said with a smile, doing the same and stepping outside the door.

Yomi popped a caramel in her mouth and watched with interest as Minako put on her sandals and followed Takehiko out of the door as if she were hypnotised. She had to admit, it was nicely done. And there was still half the chocolate box and 2.5 Johnny Depp videos to get through.

Yomi sighed with contentment and settled herself down to a long, enjoyable afternoon.

Title: Sky Dancing
Author: Starsea
Theme: Image (Crossover)
Genre: General
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Suki by CLAMP
Version: PGSM, Manga
Rating: PG

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds...

- John Gillespie Magee, High Flight (An Airman's Ecstasy)

Although flying was not a novelty for her anymore, Minako still enjoyed her red-eye flights, mainly because she got to watch the sun come up. Dawn on the ground was beautiful, but dawn above the clouds was spectacular. The way the sky lightened from grey to mauve to violet, before gold lined the horizon, flooding blue as far as the eye could see. The way the clouds turned from masses of water and ice into a white sea of curling waves and troughs, a landscape of valleys and cliffs. She leaned her head on her hand, watching, thinking of the way Usagi would squeal excitedly at the sight; Rei would huff and then peek at it out of the corner of her eye; Ami would shyly admire and Mako would nod with a grin.

"It almost looks solid," said a soft voice to her left.

Minako turned her head, blinking at the soft blue eyes. "Excuse me?"

The girl was quite tall, thin, with a sweet smile, short hair and those remarkable eyes. Minako found herself wanting to smile back but she didn't. She didn't know who this girl was.

"I often think that I could just step outside and wander around, have a picnic." The girl laughed. "But I know I'd fall. It's just nice to pretend, you know?"

Minako nodded, still staring at her. "I'm sorry... who are you?"

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm so rude!" The girl bowed. "Asahi Hinata, but everyone calls me 'Hina'." She looked up with that smile, reminding Minako of Usagi. "And you're... Aino Minako, right?"

Minako nodded, just once, curt.

"Pleased to meet you! I'm sorry I just appeared like that... but I love sharing the view with someone else. Waka and Tono are nice, but... they don't appreciate it that much. Ja ne!" Hina bowed again and then vanished. Bewildered, Minako leaned across the other seats to peer down the aisle. She could clearly see Hina by the emergency exit, along with two bears, one blue and one yellow.

Minako sat back and smiled to herself. Waka and Tono, huh? Cute... She turned her head and looked out of the window again. "I like sharing the view with someone, too," she said softly.

Title: Recycle Everything
Author: Starsea
Theme: Waste (Crossover)
Genre: Angst
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Version: Manga, Anime
Rating: PG

"It doesn't matter if one of us dies, you know," Setsuna said, staring out of the window. "She can bring us back. Or reincarnate us. I was reincarnated, you know." She flicked away a leaf that had landed on the table. "No waste."

Hitomi stared at the trees in her cup of water. "I thought you said you wanted to be reincarnated."

"That was when I thought they needed me. But they don't need me. They need this." Setsuna thumped her chest. "And that is all that matters. I know that now."

Hitomi said nothing. There was no answer to such bitterness.

Title: Pictures of Matchstick Men
Author: Starsea
Theme: Crayons (Crossover)
Genre: General
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Yami no Matsuei
Version: Animanga
Rating: PG

Hotaru liked crayons. She knew that ladies preferred watercolours, but she liked crayons. Crayons were definite colours: cherry, canary, emerald, plum. All solid colours, so bright that you wanted to bite them. Except you didn't, because crayons were made of wax and wax tasted awful.

She took a new piece of paper and began her drawing again. A man, a woman, and a child in between. The woman had long dark hair with beautiful violet eyes. The man had white hair and glasses. The child had little bubbles all around her.

"What are you drawing, Hotaru?" Watari asked, crouching beside her. 003, his owl, fluttered down and peered at the drawing as well.

Hotaru smiled. "That's my old mummy, that's my old daddy, and that's the old me. See?" She pointed at the bubbles. "Those are fireflies. Like my name. Because Hotaru means "firefly". Ne?"

Watari nodded. "Why does the old you have red eyes?" he asked quietly.

"Because the old me was bad," Hotaru said calmly, rubbing the cherry crayon over her eyes just to make sure they were red. "And my old daddy went bad, too. We were all bad inside. But now, I'm different. I'm not bad." She smiled at him, her eyes as clear as the sky.

Watari nodded and swallowed. "Shall I draw myself?" he asked.

Hotaru clapped her hands. "Yes! Make the picture move, Watari-san!"

Watari took the black crayon and carefully drew himself and 003. They popped off the paper and wandered around, stick thin and dazed. Hotaru took the red crayon and scrubbed it all over her drawing. "No more badness," she said with a nod.

Title: The Endless Possibility
Author: Starsea
Theme: Broadway (Crossover)
Genre: General
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Fame
Version: PGSM
Rating: PG-13

Minako had to admit that New York was exciting. She'd visited before, but only for a day or two, a weekend; tv spots and duets that somehow never quite broke the American market, though they created 'a lot of interest' as her manager put it. Auditioning for a part in an American musical, however, was something else. Even if there were rumours they only chose her because she was Japanese... well, so what? They'd still picked her, not any other J-pop star. She glanced down at her paper. "Am-bassador The-ter..." If this audition didn't work out, she could go and visit the rest of Broadway, take in some other theatres: The Majestic, the Neil Simon Theatre. She was in New York and nobody would recognise her. She should take advantage of this.

The audition itself didn't go too badly. It was the waiting that destroyed you. Minako could feel everyone's hopes and fears in the room, rising and tangling, turning into a gigantic ball of pressure more effective than any youma at sapping energy and will. She closed her eyes and put her hand on Artemis's soft head in her bag, reminding herself that there were other things.

Afterwards, after the hot light and the empty stage and the huge echoing space that she had to fill, she walked out and stood in the hallway.

"They got to you, huh?"

She blinked and looked to her right. An older woman was standing there, tall and slim, with soft brown skin and frizzy black hair. She had big, heavy-lidded eyes. Minako thought she must be over thirty, but her bones were clear and her skin was unmarked. She looked older but not ugly.

"It was different to what I'm used to," she said softly.

"Well, stick around, princess, this ain't nothing. Wait until you've got the whole cast out there, watching you, waiting for you to slip up. And then there's the orchestra and the audience..."

"How long have you been working in musical theatre?" Minako asked curiously.

The woman squinted, thinking. "Must be over twenty years. I started out in the early 80s - you probably wasn't even born then, right?"

Minako shook her head.

"New York was different... everything was opening up, people were suddenly becoming more socially aware... I thought I was going to be the next Dorothy Dandridge, or at least Aretha Franklin..." She laughed. "Boy, did I have a lot to learn."

"What have you been in?" Minako asked.

"Oh, nothing you would have heard off. Mostly off Broadway. A few small productions. Not many parts for a black woman in musical theatre, you know. Not that I let that stop me, but there are... certain limitations, you know?" She stretched. "Still, if you're interested, Coco's the name. Coco Hernandez. See a part going, mention my name, will ya?"

Minako blinked and nodded with a smile. Then she hurried out of the building, hoping she would forget Coco soon. She didn't want to be reminded of failure

Title: Forbidden Fruit
Author: Starsea
Theme: Hallucination (Crossover)
Genre: Dark
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Yami no Matsuei
Version: Animanga
Rating: PG-13


She sat there, smiling at him. The nightdress was too short for her. It stretched white across her thighs and chest, pushing against the mounds of flesh that hovered above the neckline. He swallowed on a dry throat. She smiled, her lips dark, and crawled across the bed to where he lay sprawled against the bedhead, unmoving.

Let me see, Tsuzuki-san. Her tongue came out and passed over her lips in an obscene gesture that was terrifyingly erotic. I want to see it come out.

He felt himself tremble as she reached him, arms planted either side of his thighs. Her teeth gleamed white and hard. Sweat broke out on his forehead as she pressed her face against his neck.

Tsu-zu-ki-san... The teeth were wet against his skin, the lips shaped his name and he groaned, fingers twitching, wanting to grab her. The material lay tight against her skin, her white legs planted either side of his - perfect - no, no, don't think that!

Show me, Tsuzuki-san. Let me see.

Hypnotised, he lifted up his wrist. Her eyes glittered and her mouth opened wide in a shout of triumph as she plunged her teeth into him, soaking the sheets in blood -


Green eyes. He bolted backwards, blinking, sweating, tangling his hands in the bedsheets and almost falling off. His shirt was stuck to his skin with sweat. He dragged his arms out of their prison and looked at his wrists. The scar lines were white and old. Unbroken.

"Tsuzuki, maybe you shouldn't go and see her any more," Hisoka said, frowning. "You always zone out after you come back from visiting Hotaru-chan. I think she has a bad effect on you."

"I'm okay," Tsuzuki said, blinking and rubbing at his forehead. "Okay. I'm fine. Fine. I just need some water."

Hisoka stared at him. "Water?" he repeated. "I think you need some sleep."

"Get me the water and I'll go to sleep," Tsuzuki said meekly. He waited until Hisoka had left the room and then buried his face in the pillow. He didn't know which was worse: the terrifying actions of the hallucination or the fact it aroused him so much.

Title: A Silent Understanding
Author: Starsea
Theme: Eagles (Crossover)
Genre: Drama
Fandoms: Sailormoon, Fruits Basket
Version: Exiles, Manga
Rating: PG

A second symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle. The Golden Eagle "has been regarded from ancient times as a symbol of courage and power". The eagle represents clear vision, intelligence, and power. It is a majestic bird, and also symbolizes freedom. Scorpios, with their perceptiveness, have the potential to "see" things more clearly than others. How they handle the power of this vision will depend on whether they are at the level of a scorpion or an eagle!

Isamu's back was tingling. He turned around and stared at the new design, the wings spreading over his shoulder blades, the head tucked over his nape. The feathers were inked golden. He didn't want a scorpion like everyone else. Scorpions were vengeful and defensive creatures. He rejected that image. He wanted to soar. He flexed his shoulder blades and the wings moved, as if the eagle itself was actually in flight. Isamu smiled.

"Satisfied?" The tattoo artist was watching him, arms folded. His own arms were covered with long curving black lines, but it was his hair that made him stand out, white on top, black underneath.

"Great detail," Isamu answered. "Thanks, Haru."

"No problem. If there's any trouble, contact me, but you know how to take care of it, right?"

Isamu nodded. "Cold showers, nothing chemical."

"Exactly." They slapped hands. "Take care, man."

"You too," Isamu said, slipping out of the door, knowing that he'd have to go around top naked for the weekend. He wondered if Rei would drop by. A smile formed on his lips.

This could be interesting.

Title: Your First
Author: Starsea
Theme: "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story." -- Emil Ludwig
Genre: General
Fandom: Sailormoon (reference to Sailor V), Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Version: Manga, Anime
Rating: PG

"You mean you never even kissed?"

Minako stared at Hitomi, eyes and mouth circular with surprise. "I thought you said you loved him?"

"You can love someone without kissing them," Hitomi said dryly. "Don't you know that? Besides, there was a war going on around us, people were dying. We weren't important."

Minako looked down at her drink, mulling over Hitomi's words. "We weren't important." There was a maturity in them. "Do you regret it? Not kissing me."

"He held me," Hitomi said, and there was such longing in her voice that it made Minako ache inside. "We held each other. He came for me and took me away from that awful place. He saved me. We didn't need to kiss. We knew."

Minako looked out of the window, swallowing against an aching throat. "When you see him again..." she said, voice husky.

"That's for me to know." Hitomi picked up some rice with her chopsticks and ate it delicately. "What about you, Minako-san? What was your first kiss like?"

Minako blinked and then sighed. "He thought I was someone else," she said.
Tags: may drabbles, sm_monthly
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