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Friending Policy

Hello, everyone!

I don't mind people friending me, but if you do friend me, leave a comment on this entry introducing yourself, who you are, and why you'd like to be my friend. It's disconcerting to have friend messages pop up and not know where you come from. And if I don't friend you back immediately, don't be offended. I like to take my time getting to know people. If you friend me without posting this entry, I won't friend you back. Too many of these leads to friends-only journals and while I understand the idea, I want to try and avoid that policy for the moment.
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Pandemic Diary: Entry Twelve - Second Jab DONE

Had my second jab today. Finally! Can't wait to get back to the gym. (My gym's been open since June but I didn't feel too safe about going back while I only had one vaccination.)

Been to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the V&A (Curiouser and Curiouser) with my parents, which was fascinating. We then had lunch at Carluccio's and had gelato. This weekend I am seeing them in Bath to try out the new Sri Lankan restaurant there.
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Pandemic Diary: Entry Eleven - Bank Holiday Monday

Met with the family (Mum and Dad, niblings, sister and brother-in-law) for lunch at the Bell in Selsley. I first went there in February 2019 with my work friend Claire for dinner, then I took Mum there last summer when restrictions eased and then Claire and I went back for our birthday meal (she has her birthday in September). I managed to grab the last spot in the car park. It was lovely to sit outdoors and for the weather to actually be good enough to sit outdoors. My sister's family recently acquired a puppy (half German Shepherd, half Labrador) so it's always better to have some shade. Her name is Daisy, she looks like a German Shepherd but she's golden all over. She loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her back, which to be fair, most people do. The kids were very tired after a full on weekend spent camping with their cousins and their cousins' dog so the suggested trip to Rodborough Common was postponed and we went back to my sister's house so they could rest. Hoping we can have more days like these.

(Heating officially off!)
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Pandemic Diary: Entry Ten - First Jab Done!

I had my first vaccine on Saturday from my local GP, I arrived early, queued up, was seen within five minutes of arriving and after a mandatory 15 minute observation period, I was free to go. My only reaction has been a stiff arm and it was no worse than having exercised really hard at the gym.

The sign up was FAST: the day they opened up vaccinations to my age group, I texted my sister, who's a nurse, asking if I should wait to hear from them and she said yes, as her husband had just heard from his and he was in the age group above me. Fifteen minutes after her response, I got a text asking me to sign up and was able to book my jab. Very impressed.

I've also had my hair done - highlights put in, roots done, 6.5 cm taken off the ends as my hair had grown all the way to my shoulder blades, even though I'd only had it cut in December. When I told my hairdresser I was going to have my jab (this was last Tuesday), she asked how I'd managed that. I told her that I was 38 and she didn't believe me, although when I said "Why would I lie about being 38?" she acknowledged this was a fair point. That made me feel good, too!
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LiveJournal is 22 today!

I remember going to see ROTS in the cinema and being completely baffled/outraged that Padmé died after giving birth when I distinctly remembered Leia stating she remembered her bio-mum in ROTJ. No, Lucas, a single glance between a newborn baby and her mum does NOT COUNT AS A MEMORY. >(

Domain was registered on April 15, 1999. The same year, the cult movie "The Matrix" was released, the 6 billionth inhabitant of the Earth was born in the city of Sarajevo, and Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time topped the world charts.
On April 15, 2021 LiveJournal turns 22 years old! LiveJournal celebrates its birthday and gives you a card with a bright event that happened the year you started your blog!

What happened in your life the year you started your blog?

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Pandemic Diary: Entry Nine

Spring! It's wonderful to see the blossom coming out on the trees. I am hoping to visit a local garden (probably Painswick) to see the daffodils as I didn't manage to see the snowdrops (I always say I will go and see them and then I fail to do it *sigh*).

Grace lost the barn conversion because her buyer pulled out but she has now found a semi-detached in another Somerset village and her offer has been accepted. Fingers crossed it all works out this time.

Work has been a bit busier but it's still not as busy as it was last year. I am using the extra time to catch up on my reading - my library reservations list has gone down significantly!

I saw my mum for her birthday on 12 February, which was conveniently close to the British Mother's Day this year. We had Thai takeaway on Saturday evening and then a takeaway Sunday roast from my parents' local pub so she didn't have to do any cooking on the Sunday. I have started ordering my own Sunday roast takeaway from the Black Horse in Cranham, but had to downgrade to the child's portion as the adult portion was just TOO BIG.

Both parents have had their first Covid jab (they went to Salisbury Cathedral). My sister's had her first jab, as well, since she's a nurse and works in a GP surgery. However, I am in the second to last group so I don't think I will get mine before the summer, happy to be proved wrong.
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Pandemic Diary: Entry Eight

I have finally replaced the heater in my front room. My flat is electricity only so I am restricted to night storage heaters and the one I had was over 10 years old, you couldn't programme the temperature, it was very basic. The one I have now is a smart heater that can be programmed via an app/online if I'm away (so if I am staying with my parents in our support bubble, basically) and I can adjust the temperature by degrees and put in a weekly programme for when I'm on different shifts.

I have been ordering takeaways from local restaurants in order to support my local independent businesses - principally Greek on the Docks and Bangkok Canteen. There is a new takeaway app launching tomorrow - Gloucester Eats - so I am looking forward to using that and hopefully discovering more local restaurants that way and supporting them.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to The Eastbury Plough this year to see Grace and Eileen. Grace has had an offer accepted on a barn conversion in Somerset (a bit further south of where she lives now but not too much). The Bristol office closed at the end of last year and since she has no reason to stay in Bristol, she wanted to move somewhere a bit more rural. Fingers crossed she can move this year. If she does, we can meet up in Bath halfway.
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Books & Films 2020

A list of all the books I read in 2020. Bold means that it was a library book. NF means it was non-fiction.

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The films/plays I managed to watch in 2020. Bold means it was rented (via Netflix or from my cable provider), italics mean it was in the cinema and plain means it was on the TV.

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Christmas Cards 2020

If you'd like to receive a card from me, please comment below. All comments will be screened. All comments are screened. I will be sending out cards to anyone I'm currently in touch with, whether it's via LJ or Twitter or Tumblr.